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Since 2001, I’ve been fueled by a deep passion for creativity, steering the growth of Nude Creative into a dynamic force in the creative landscape.
As the owner and creative mind behind every project, I bring a consumer’s perspective to the forefront, ensuring that each piece of work is not only outstanding and relevant but also possesses the power to sell.

My journey spans 25 years across various creative industries, crafting a diverse portfolio that showcases my commitment to exceptional design. From local boutiques and small enterprises to multinational giants, I thrive on the diversity of my clientele.

I see myself as more than just a creative force; I am an extension of your team, dedicated to fostering your growth and success. Drawing on my extensive background in ad agencies and design companies, I offer invaluable insights that enable me to serve my clients with unparalleled expertise.

While I am the driving force behind Nude Creative, I occasionally collaborate with a unique team of freelance graphic designers. Each member, like myself, is brimming with innovative ideas and possesses specialised skills across diverse business sectors.

Based in Bedfordshire, my reach extends across the UK and beyond. Whether you have a specific project in mind or simply want to connect over a cup of coffee, tea, juice, milk, water, weak lemon drink, mocharocktinolatte, or um Bongo, feel free to get in touch. Let’s transform your vision into a compelling reality.

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We have worked with Simon for over 16 years and the reason we keep going back is simple. He always delivers!

Michael Chambers
Managing Director
Cloud Nine Incentives

Our Creative Blog

The Pi Bike

April 12th, 2018 – Pi Day may have just passed, but if you own the Pi Bike you can celebrate everyone’s mindfuck of a number every day. Designed and created by Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas, the Pi Bike will provide for countless enjoyable rides that offer time to think about how we’ve discovered 22 trillion


You Can Ski On This Hotel

April 10th, 2018 – Audemars Piguet unveils the new Hôtel des Horlogers next to its own Musée Atelier, also designed by BIG, in Switzerland’s scenic Vallée de Joux. Guests will be able to ski down the hotel’s zig zagged rooftops and into the valley landscape of Le Brassus. The new travel destination will be ready to


The Kode 0

Feb 8th, 2018 – Recently unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Kode 0 (pronounced “Kode Zero”) is a one-off creation from the mind of Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama that oozes old school style. Okuyama—who cut his teeth at GM and Porsche before heading to Italy and ultimately creating the Enzo Ferrari while he was creative